Play. Sing. Repeat.


Leah Litin's piano 001

Leah’s piano

I have been playing piano and guitar a lot as I prepare for a gig at a senior living facility.   It’s been so much fun dusting off songs I used to perform often  and enjoy so much.   I have to say my absolute favorite is Tonight from West Side Story.


This new swirl painting came out wonderfully.  I love it!  It got a lot of attention at the last art fair.   I want to to try swirling  all kinds of objects made out of wood, metal, and plastic.  So far I tried painting on fabric, but it blended and didn’t swirl.  I will be exploring different techniques.World Flow.jpg


Rocky Neck Art Colony (2) Today I drove north to the Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester, MA with my friend Nadine.  We went into the artists’ studios/galleries.   It seems like an amazing way to live-to paint and have a chance to interact with buyers on your breaks.  To have a flow of visitors and have a community of artists all around you. And to have an astonishing pretty harbor out your window to inspire you. I’m liking it a lot.

I’m hoping to be part of this community in some way.  Maybe I can be part of a gallery, or live there as part of their artist in residence program.  The place definitely attracts me.  I’m going to go look up when their deadlines are for next year.



At the Camden Arts Festival last weekend, I put my abstract work inside my tent, and my representational work outside.   People came in to look and comment on the abstracts.  And  a lot more people came into my tent than when I had all my landscapes and still lifes hung up inside last show.   Interesting…..